3. Registration of services in GOCDB

Site endpoints must be registered in EGI Configuration Management Database (GOCDB). If you are creating a new site for your cloud services, check the PROC09 Resource Centre Registration and Certification procedure. Services can also coexist within an existing (grid) site.

These are the expected services for a working site:

  • Site-BDII. This service collects and publishes site’s data for the Information System. Existing sites should already have this registered.
  • eu.egi.cloud.accounting. Register here the host sending the records to the accounting repository (executing SSM send).
  • eu.egi.cloud.vm-metadata.vmcatcher for the VMI replication mechanism. Register here the host providing the replication (i.e. the host with cloudkeeper installation)

If offering OCCI interface, sites should register:

  • eu.egi.cloud.vm-management.occi for the OCCI endpoint offered by the site. The endpoint URL must follow this syntax:


    where <image_name> and <resource_name> cannot contain spaces. These attributes map to os_tpl and resource_tpl respectively and will be the ones used for monitoring purposes.

If offering native OpenStack access (nova), register:

  • org.openstack.nova for the Nova endpoint of the site. The endpoint URL must contain the Keystone v3 URL:


If offering native OpenStack access (swift), register:

  • org.openstack.swift for the swift endpoint of the site. The endpoint URL field must contain Keystone v3 URL: